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Summer Rental Program

Summer Rental Program

Sand Dollar Real Estate brings over 35 years of experience with the LBI Summer Home Rental Business. Our office is open 7 days a week; for after hours, our tenants are given their agent’s cell phone number. If there is an issue, we are here to take care of it. We are insured for the summer rental business and offer a high level of personal service and marketing for you and your property. We personally interview every tenant to be sure we have a good match for your home. Please see below for the various levels of service we offer, we think we will find one that fits your needs.

NOTE: The location of a real estate office holds much less importance today, as most rentals are done over the internet. Our office is only 12 short blocks north of the inbound Causeway. We are a very short trip for key pick up– no one goes more than 12 blocks out of their way, which was one of the reasons Sand Dollar Real Estate chose this location.

Please see below for the various levels of service we offer, we think we will find one that fits your needs.

Our Starfish Level – This level is for those owners who wish to allow several agencies to handle their property or to book personally. We do offer full services, except for the higher end internet marketing of the property.
Click here for the authorization.

This is a 12% commission.*

Our Seahorse Level – Some homeowners want to work in tandem with us and utilize additional marketing avenues. At this level, we do offer a listing on VRLBI (we pay towards the cost & maintain the site). Take digital photos and do a Virtual Tour/Flyer.
Click here for the authorization.

This is a 12% commission; however, if you wish to refer your potential tenants to us, we would reduce to a 10% rate.*

Our Sand Dollar Level – This is our highest level of service, we place your home on VRLBI with no cost to you. All rental leads are filtered and answered through Sand Dollar Real Estate. You receive a FREE listing on VRLBI, digital photos and a Virtual Tour/Flyer.
Click here for the authorization.

This is our highest level of service and is a 10% commission. * 

Print out a copy of the desired level of service Authorization, fill it in completely and you can return it to us either by:

  •   faxing it back to us at 609-494-5151
  •   scan a completed copy and email to:  or
  •   snail mail it to: 217 N Long Beach Boulevard, Surf City, NJ 08008

Sand Dollar Real Estate recognizes that our rental market on LBI is changing and we want to work with you to be sure you get the level of bookings you desire and a tenant that cares about your property as much as you do. We seek the type of tenant that recognizes this is your home.
Let’s work together to make LBI ‘the destination’ for prospective renters this summer.

Have questions? Call us at 609-494-1130,  email us for further details

Sand Dollar Real Estate reserves the right to preview all properties to verify location, home ownership and working keys.

New Jersey  Law Against Discrimination – all rental homeowner’s are require to read and  abide by this NJ law, please click the following link more more information.  NJ Law on Discrimination 

Consumer information Statement,  Sand Dollar Real Estate intends at this time to work with you as Owner/Landlord agent only.  For more information click this  link, CIS

* As the homeowner, you have the right to individually reach an agreement on any fee, commission or other valuable consideration with any broker. No fee, commission or other consideration has been fixed by any governmental authority or by any trade association or multiple listing.