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Rental Reset 2024

LBI Summer Rental Reset 2024

Want to boost your rental bookings?
Sand Dollar offers you a way to gain a
Competitive Edge in 2024.

The LBI rental market was behind this summer. Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, vacationers have a lot more choices and many chose something different than an LBI beach vacation. However, it should be noted that this trend started prior to COVID and most likely, the summer rental market will continue in the direction of becoming more competitive.

Sand Dollar has given this a lot of thought – we have analyzed our properties that had full bookings, queried our guests to find out what they want in a shore vacation house and have come up with some inexpensive recommendations and suggestions to enhance the value of your rental beach house, thereby giving you a Competitive Edge.

This program is called Rental Reset 2024. The first item we are recommending is to get an early start on your 2024 rentals. Sand Dollar books almost 50% of our properties by the end of the year. Add in January bookings, and we were close to 70% booked. You need to catch the market early, since we may not get that big 2nd push in the Spring. We didn’t this year.

Recommendations:    (Total Cost – approximately $500.)

As you are probably aware, almost all bookings are originating on the internet and most are rented sight unseen. Therefore, it is paramount to have a great ‘photographic curb appeal’ presentation on the internet. You want them to virtually ‘walk’ through your door and stay awhile. Great photos as well as a great advertising description along with detailed information on your property keeps them looking and makes your property memorable.

Professional Photography: We recommend a set of professional pictures, especially aerial drone shots that can really show how close to the water, stores or other points of interest. Very few properties are offering professional photos and aerial views, this will make your property stand out and showcase the strong points and desirability of your beach house.

We negotiated with our professional photographer and he has given Sand Dollar a great rate, especially if we can guarantee several ‘photo shoots’ on one day. We will accompany the photographer and help plan the shoot to show off the best features of your home. We will write all ad copy to entice prospective renters to pick your house for their LBI summer vacation.

The cost: 25 interior photos plus 3 drone shots   $128. *

We would still supplement some of our current pictures that we think show your property off and/or some nearby points of interest. For most homeowners, this is a one-time investment. If down the road, you do some work, or change out furniture, Sand Dollar can re-take those pictures and update accordingly.

We want to get these done in September when the skies are blue, leaves are on the trees, flowers are blooming and the outside is still set up for relaxing and entertaining. We want your house to shine and we need your help to be sure it is photo ready. House cleaned up, beds made, counters clear. If interested let us know and also the week in September that the house will be photo ready. We will do the rest!

Beach Cart: It’s all about the beach! Help them get all their gear to the beach with a beach cart – under $125. Add some beach chairs to your cart for around $50 each so they don’t have to pack them. Maybe throw in a beach umbrella (collapsible monopole with no more than 8’ diameter- local Ordinance). If you purchase during the winter, you can probably find some bargain pricing.

Electronic Keypad – This makes it so much easier when the tenant doesn’t have to juggle the keys between each member of their party and avoids doors being left unlocked.  And most certainly stops the ‘I locked the keys in the house’, which is happening a lot this summer. You are also more secure as you can change the combination each season and make it easier for contractors to access your home.  Cost approximately $125. You can install yourself or we can help you in getting someone to install the lock for you.

These are just a few of the ideas we have. Sand Dollar has developed an additional list of other amenities/items that renters have told us they would like to see in the homes they rent — most are fairly inexpensive.

Rental Review – Let’s get started with our exclusive FREE Rental Review.  We take a look at your rental home and make suggestions as to how to make your beach rental more appealing so you can obtain more bookings – and perhaps at higher rates. So, click the link above or email us at with your request for our exclusive Rental Review.

We will also give you suggestions on your pricing structure as well. Sand Dollar has over 35 years of rental experience and we are happy to share our knowledge with you so we can all boost our rentals bookings in 2024 and have the ability to pick quality renters for your beach home.

For more details on our various summer rental programs, click here

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