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Vacationer Information

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Dear  Summer Guest,

Welcome to LBI!  Some of you are vacationing on LBI for the first time and some of you for the umpteenth time. Either way, to make your vacation as pleasant as possible, we offer you the following information.

LBI  is rather unique in that you are renting someone’s personal summer residence.  Therefore, each property is unique in its amenities and equipped as an owner sees fit.  Be sure to ask specific questions of your agent, since all properties differ. Let us also explain our role. We are contracted by the homeowner to  locate tenants, draw the lease and check the tenant in and out. We are not contracted to manage the property. We will however, do our best to make sure any questions or concerns you have are dealt with as quickly as possible. Following are guidelines we developed from the most frequently asked questions and/or areas that we realized needed more detailed explanation.

 The following ‘Guidelines and Procedures’ become part of the agreement when you sign our Lease.  Please be sure you read the following information thoroughly.

SIGNING THE LEASE: A 50% deposit is required to reserve the rental unit and a 7 day period to return a signed lease and deposit unless specified differently in the lease. The unit is only considered rented when the company receives the 50% deposit. If your deposit is not received by the specified time in your lease, your rental will automatically be cancelled. If you have a problem making a timely payment we suggest you immediately call your agent to discuss alternatives. The tenant agrees by signing the lease that he/she will be the person living in the property and is not renting for someone else and will abide by the occupancy limitation (small children are included in the count).  No subletting is permitted.  No persons under 21 years of age are allowed to reside at the property unless the signor of the lease is present.

CANCELLATIONS: Should you need to cancel your lease or change properties; such requests must be in writing to Sand Dollar Real Estate.  We can not refund any advance payments as they have already been disbursed to the owner. Every effort will be made to re-rent the property.  If the property is re-rented, your deposit minus a 12% service charge and the $20 processing fee will be returned to you.  If we are unable to re-rent the property you will remain responsible for the lease and the balance due, which will be payable on the original Check-In date.

PAYMENTS: A personal check is acceptable for the initial deposit provided there is more than 30 days before Check-in.  Final payment, including any security deposit, is due 30 days prior to Check-In and may also be a personal check.  This should be one check for the full final amount due as stated on your lease. If the payment is made after the final payment date only CASH or Bank Check (certified funds) will be accepted.  If a check is returned for NSF, there will be a charge of $35, a new Bank Check will have to be sent via an overnight carrier.

CHECK-IN: Check-In for most properties is between 2PM and 5PM. Please check your lease for your check in time. KEYS WILL NOT BE GIVEN OUT BEFORE YOUR DESIGNATED CHECK IN TIME.  The time between CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT is needed to inspect the properties, make necessary repairs and assure that the property is in good condition for your vacation. Tenants planning to arrive after 5PM should call to make arrangements to pick up their key.

CHECK-OUT: Check-Out for most properties is by 11AM. Please check your lease for your check out time.  All keys are to be returned to Sand Dollar Real Estate’s office.  If keys are not brought back to the office, there will be a $25 assessment from your security deposit. Should you wish to Check-Out outside of normal office hours, keys can be returned to the key box located on the railing to the entrance to the Sand Dollar Real Estate building. Please let us know of an early departure.

CLEANING: Tenants are responsible for leaving the property tidy: Remove all food from the refrigerator and cabinets and properly dispose of all perishable items. If you would like to bring can goods to our office for the local food bank, please do so when you check-out. It will be greatly appreciated. Clean and re-shelf all dishes. Wipe down the kitchen area and baths.  Place all trash in outside receptacles and return all furniture to its original positions. A quick vacuum on the way out is desired to remove excess sand from your stay. A representative of the owner will check the property and perform a touch up and sanitizing cleaning. The homeowner will assess a fee if excessive cleaning is necessary after you check out.

SECURITY DEPOSITS: Security deposits are taken to cover excessive wear and tear, damages and/or lack of cleanliness.  All returnable security deposits are processed the Monday after your Check-Out.  Upon entering the property, if any dirt or damage is found, NOTIFY YOUR AGENT IMMEDIATELY so that you are not held accountable for the damages.  Delays in the notification of more than 24 hours may result in confusion as to liability. The available appliances, televisions and electronics are represented by the owner to be in working order but are not guaranteed by Sand Dollar Real Estate.

PROBLEM SECURITIES: Securities are retained by Sand Dollar Real Estate. If the homeowner and the tenant can not resolve a security issue, we remain as escrow agent and retain the funds until the issue is resolved between the two parties. Once we receive written notification of the agreement by both parties we will release the funds accordingly. If the issue can not be resolved we suggest you seek redress through the courts, at that time we turn the security deposit over to the courts for disbursement according to the settlement.

PHONE SERVICE: If your rental provides phone service, all long distance and toll calls must be placed collect, charged to your credit card or billed to your home phone, unless otherwise noted at the property.

PETS: NO PETS are permitted in any property unless specifically allowed by the lease. There is a severe problem at the shore with sand fleas – something we’re sure you don’t want to subject your pet to or bring home.  The tenant vacationing after you may have a pet allergy and you certainly wouldn’t want to ruin their vacation. We can not guarantee that all our properties are pet free as many of our owners have pets that they bring with them during the off season. If you, or a member of your family, have severe pet allergies, please ask us if the property you wish to rent is truly pet free. We will be happy to call the owner and find out for you.

TRASH & RECYCLING: LBI participates in a recycling program.  Proper disposal containers will be provided with your rental for both trash and recycles. All trash must be placed in containers (no plastic bags on the street, please). All recycle material is to be placed directly in the appropriate container, (do not put in bags). Place trash cans curbside the night prior to pick-up. Make sure all lids are secure since our larger feathered friends love a free feast and our local municipalities will issue a ticket and fee for garbage that is not stowed properly.

BEACH BADGES: Beach Badges may be purchased on the beach or at the appropriate municipal buildings.  Children under 12 are not required to wear badges and adults over 65 can obtain free senior citizens’ badges.  Beach badges may be provided with the rental, but are not guaranteed.  It’s best to check the unit before purchasing. If a beach badge that has been provided and is lost during your stay, the badge will need to be replaced before check out or a $35 fee will be incurred.

APPLIANCES: No large appliances (i.e. window AIR CONDITIONERS) or services may be installed at the properties without the written consent of the owner.

ITEMS SUPPLIED BY TENANT:  Tenant needs to bring all bed linens and towels. However, there are local services that can provide these items, as well as beach gear, if desired. We suggest you bring a small amount of paper products along – toilet paper, paper towels, trash bag, and hand soap.

VEHICLES:  House trailers, recreational vehicles, boat trailers or an excessive amount of cars shall not be parked on the premises.

SITE UNSEEN RENTALS:  It is highly recommended that anyone signing a lease, personally inspect the property beforehand. The real estate company makes no warranty as to the condition or description of the property. It is understood and agreed that the tenant must abide by his/her decision and will be asked to sign a ‘Site Unseen Waiver’.

BEACH REPLENISHMENT – Small portions of LBI from time to time get scheduled for beach replenishment.  Dates often change so check this site for updated information:

TRIP INSURANCE – Sand Dollar Real Estate does not offer trip insurance as it can be purchased through multiple insurance companies. We do not recommend any particular company as you should research your options and pick the plan that works best for you.

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We thank you for choosing Sand Dollar Real Estate as your rental company. Our desire is for you and  your family to have the best vacation possible on LBI. If you have any  additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your agent.

If considering purchasing,  you may want to look into attending our ‘Real Estate Seminar’, held every Wednesday afternoon in July and August. You may register through your agent or obtain  additional information and register online at:  Seminar Schedule


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