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LBI Real Estate Seminar

Learn What Makes LBI Such a Good Investment 

The LBI Real Estate Seminar  is researched, designed and constantly updated for potential buyers and current homeowners to become knowledgeable about the latest market trends on LBI, understand how to use this knowledge to their advantage and obtain a comprehensive understanding of the unique nature of the LBI real estate marketplace.

 Best of all — The Seminar is absolutely FREE!

This Seminar is a Power Point presentations with ample handouts and plenty of encouragement for a lively Q&A session.

If there is no Seminar scheduled that fits your time table, we would be happy to accommodate you with your own personal One-on-One Seminar

We can also tailor the Seminar for your particular points of interest. Feel free to contact us or use the form below to set up a convenient time to discuss the areas of concentration that would be of interest to you.

REAL ESTATE Seminar designed for those who are contemplating purchasing or selling a home on LBI. A great  place to get started! Also valuable for current homeowners who wish to learn more about 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, current market statistics and other factors that  may affect the current & future value of their LBI property.

A quote from one of our attendees  and now a happy homeowner on LBI: Glad to see you are still running those Seminars in the Summer. That’s what got us started looking (and buying a house) in Beach Haven!  We owe you a big “thank you” for showing us that it was not an impossible dream!”  B.C., Beach Haven

Topics Include: 

  • LBI MarkeTrends, Current & Future Analysis – follow our charts to see the various cycles of LBI real estate
  • Latest Sales & Market Statistics – discussion of the latest market stats and their impact today and tomorrow
  • Tax Advantages – why an investment on LBI still outperforms most others and discussion of the potential tax law changes
  • Second Home vs. Investment Property – IRS definition & what it means to you
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges –  a great tool – pay no taxes when you sell
  • Financing Options -What is the best option for you 
  • Flood Policy Update – how do the rules affect LBI and how to determine your Base Flood Elevation.  Should you raise, rebuild or sell?
  • Local and State Regulations – make sure you build or renovate to the current codes 
  • LBI Rental Market – the changes you most need to know about  
  • “Question & Answer” Period – for what we didn’t discuss


President’s Weekend

Dates: February 18, 2023

Time: 3 PM

Place: Sand Dollar Real Estate office building or via ZOOM

This Seminar can be attended in person or via Zoom. The advantage of Zoom is you don’t have to be on LBI and in the comfort of your house.

This will still be the same live presentation via PowerPoint and a Question & Answer Period will follow at the end.

If you do not already have Zoom on your computer or mobile device, you will need to download the app, you can do this from Zoom Download Center. Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click the ‘join’ link.

You need to fill in the attendance Reservation Form below and we must have your email to be able to send you an invite to the Webinar. You will receive an invite to the LBI Real Estate Webinar via your email with a ‘join link’ which will include a password. We would appreciate that you respond back by clicking on ‘Attend’. This way we can know how many are attending and that you received the ‘join link’. You will also receive a calendar reminder the day of the Seminar with the link and password again. No need to go searching through your email account.

Once you join the Webinar you will be in a waiting room, just prior to 3 pm I will admit everyone to the Webinar. You will see this on your screens. Please be on time as no one will be allowed in after 3pm.

Audio and video will be turned off for participants so that there will be no background noise, just in case you are on the beach! `Chat’ will be on so if during the Presentation you have a question, please feel free to ask through `Chat’. (If you hover at the bottom of your screen, a black band with various options appear, in the center is ’Chat’, just click on it to activate and ask your questions.) I will answer all these questions at the end of my presentation.

If we are a small enough group, I will turn audio so we can interact during the Seminar and the question and answer period.


LBI Real Estate Seminar Reservation Form

 (Use the form below to make your reservation on line or call Pat at  609-494-1130)