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This Week On LBI

A message from Sand Dollar is on our homepage, but many of you just come directly to this page, so I have posted it below as well:

Hello from the Beach!

March 21, 2020

As the saying goes, ‘I have seen a thing or two’. After 35 years of owning Sand Dollar Real Estate I have experienced many ups & downs in our local real estate market – from financial breakdowns to destructive hurricanes. Each time, LBI weathered the times and came bouncing back. Today we are dealing with something most of us are having a hard time fathoming. The uncertainties are overwhelming. What we do know is we need to isolate ourselves if we want to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus.

To that end, Sand Dollar has closed its doors, but not our business. We are here for you; all phone lines are on call forwarding and we are all working from home. So, if you need us, just call us. Our health is our most precious commodity and we must do everything we can to make sure we stay healthy.

This thought hit home with me just this week. I had not been feeling well for quite some time and found out that I had an obstruction in my bowel. Surgery was needed, and needed now, since it was only a question of when the obstruction would close and I would need emergency surgery and the hospital could be loaded with coronavirus cases. So, I was rushed in and rushed out.

Let me tell you with our local hospital on lockdown this was a very interesting experience. I was able to witness the entire SOMC hospital team, working with reduced staff (winter staffing needs), begin their preparation for the anticipated large caseloads of coronavirus patients and take care of patients like me. They are doing an amazing job; you see the strain on their faces, but also the smile for you. Imagine being on the front line and your job in a few days or weeks will be touching and healing coronavirus patients. We need to support them and make their jobs easier.

If we do not abide by the ‘stay at home orders’ and spread more cases of the virus; all the hospitals will be overwhelmed and patients like me, and maybe your love ones, will not be able to receive the care they need.

I do not make light about what we are about to experience, yet I am so thankful that I am home and healthy and know that l will have the opportunity to once again be out and about. This is a temporary situation and it can give us time to work on that ‘to do’ list, spend quality time with our family and take a few deep breaths to just enjoy life at a slower pace for a short while.

It will take all of us to conquer this virus, so our part is to stay home and stay healthy. This is the most important contribution you can make and the quickest way to get our lives back on track.

Please …

Stay Home, Stay Healthy,

Pat Sepanak



Our Goal: to supply you with the best market data available so you can make the right decisions about purchasing on LBI; and to assist you in all phases of the home purchase process so you are assured that you not only have found Your Perfect Beach Home on Long Beach Island you arrived there in the most professional manner.

Below, find out each week what’s been ‘Newly Listed‘, what just went ‘Under Contract‘ and what has ‘Just Closed‘. Want to know local headline news or maybe check out the local weather to see if we are having another wonderful beach day.

(Of course, any day at the beach is a wonderful day.) 


 (from the Bright Multiple Listing Service)

This Update is for the single family and condo market. If you would like update information for multi family, land or commercial, either email us with your desired parameters or use our Early Buyer’s Alert program.

If you desire more information on any of the properties below, you can go click on
the link under each grouping.  

Week of:  3/19/20 -3/26/20


MLS # Address Town Beds Baths SQFT Lot Size Current Price
NJOC397154 510 N Bay Ave #2-7 BEACH HAVEN 2 2/0 1,269 $659,000
NJOC397166 510 N Bay Ave #3-4 BEACH HAVEN 2 2/0 1,269 $699,000
NJOC397244 403 8th St BEACH HAVEN 3 2/1 1,493 416.00 x 185.00 $749,900
NJOC397228 209 W 27th St NONE AVAILABLE 3 2/1 1,336 25.00 x 80.00 $769,000
NJOC397140 112 32nd BEACH HAVEN GARDENS 3 2 1,520 50.00 x 90.00 $799,900
NJOC397184 510 N Bay Ave #2-10 BEACH HAVEN 3 3/0 2,091 $819,000
NJOC397022 12704 Long Beach THE DUNES 6 4/1 3,248 110 x Irr. $1,199,000
NJOC397286 2422 Long Beach SPRAY BEACH 5 4 2,658 81.00 x 90.00 $1,299,000
NJOC397242 5 E 83rd St NONE AVAILABLE 4 3/1 2,712 50.00 x 100.00 $1,750,000
NJOC396476 400 Jefferis Ave BEACH HAVEN – WEBSTER LAGOON 5 5/1 4,268 160x164x195x160 $1,990,000
NJOC397152 215 E 14th St NORTH BEACH HAVEN 7 4/3 4,140 100×100 $2,550,000

Click here for more listing data.


MLS # Address Town Beds Baths SQFT Lot Size Current Price
NJOC395604 258 N 12th St SURF CITY 5 2/1 2,272 50.00 x 100.00 $999,000
NJOC390902 711 S Beach Ave BEACH HAVEN 6 3/1 2,930 50.00 x 100.00 $1,150,000
NJOC393728 13 E 23rd St SPRAY BEACH 5 3/1 2,756 50×100 $1,349,000

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MLS # Address Town Beds Baths SQFT Lot Size DOM Original List Price Close Price
NJOC394538 20 Washington Ave #1 HOLGATE 2 1 720 57 $339,000 $325,000
NJOC387046 293 B Tidal Dr LOVELADIES 4 2 2,320 75×133 151 $850,000 $675,000
NJOC391110 328 N 13th St SURF CITY 2 1 816 50.00 x 100.00 125 $799,000 $700,000
NJOC392572 107 W Osborn HOLGATE 5 2/1 1,920 50.00 x 166.00 77 $899,000 $850,000
NJOC392324 332 W 4th St SHIP BOTTOM 4 2/1 2,480 60.00 x 105.00 135 $1,099,000 $1,050,000
NJOC394888 353 Dusty Miller Dr LOVELADIES 5 4 2,642 87.00 x 134.00 40 $1,700,000 $1,600,000
NJOC391532 55 W Ohio Ave THE DUNES 5 4/1 3,043 70 X 100 irregular 44 $1,895,000 $1,775,000

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All information from our local MLS, deemed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

Mapping and Analysis – Determine your current and future Base Flood Elevation and what it means to you.

Flood Update – Recent FEMA reforms.

Beach Replenishment(link – Army Corp of Engineer’s page on LBI beach replenishment)  The project is completed for this cycle. Please check the web site for more info.

Causeway Bridge Project: (link – DOT NJ) The Route 72 Manahawkin Bay Bridges Project involves the construction of a new structure  parallel to, and south, of the existing Manahawkin Bay Bridge; rehabilitation of the existing Manahawkin Bay Bridge; and the rehabilitation of three trestle bridges over Hilliards Thorofare, East Thorofare, and West Thorofare. Other planned improvements include:

  • A six-foot sidewalk  on the westbound (north) side of Route 72, with connections to communities and points of interest on the south side of the roadway;
  • Bicycle accommodations, including wider outside shoulders on the twin Manahawkin Bay Bridges and six-foot bike lanes on the trestle bridges;
  • Improvements to the intersection of Route 72 and Marsha Drive in Stafford Township to alleviate seasonal  traffic delays; and
  • Intersection improvements in Ship Bottom, designed to improve traffic flow for both north/south traffic on Long Beach Island and along 8th and 9th Streets, and drainage improvements to improve access during heavy rainfalls and high tides.

Cedar Bonnet Project – a plan to “restore and enhance” 45 acres located within the southeastern portion of Cedar Bonnet Island, which are part of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.

THIS WEEK’S HEADLINES (from The Atlantic City Press, The Asbury Park Park Press, The Sandpaper)

Sheriff: Strict Requirements in Place for COVID-19 Test Facility at OCC

Site Expected to Swab Up to 180 County Residents a Day
The planned COVID-19 testing site at Ocean County College has an expected capacity for testing 180 preregistered and otherwise qualified county residents a day. “We will be adhering to the strict requirements for getting a test at this site,” Sheriff Michael G. Mastronardy said. “If you haven’t registered and don’t have a doctor’s prescription, we cannot provide you with a […]

Cash Toll Collections Suspended on Parkway, Turnpike

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority has suspended cash collections at all toll locations on the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19. All tolls will be collected electronically. “If you have an E-ZPass tag in your vehicle, the process will not change,” the NJTA explained. “The equipment in the lane will […]

Beach Haven Council Will Be ‘Zooming’

The Beach Haven Borough Council will conduct meetings through a remote Zoom hookup, a practice becoming common in municipalities due to COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of using the council chambers, officials will conduct proceedings from their own homes to follow the mandate of social distancing. Borough Manager Sherry Mason said residents can go to the borough’s website ( to click on the […]

Volunteer EMS Taxed by Influx of People, Non-medical 911 Calls

Gov. Phil Murphy’s recommendation that non-primary residents stay away from the Jersey Shore during the COVID-19 pandemic comes a little too late for some, including members of volunteer emergency response organizations at the forefront of the local outbreak. “They are already here. That action should have been taken earlier,” Deborah Whitcraft, a longtime member of the Beach Haven First Aid […]

Officials Declare LBI Local Disaster Area Ahead of COVID-19 Peak

Long Beach Island has been proclaimed a local disaster area/emergency amid the COVID-19 pandemic as officials prepare for the peak period of the novel coronavirus, expected to come in the next few weeks. Mayors Kirk Larson, Barnegat Light; Nancy Taggart Davis, Beach Haven; Jonathan Oldham, Harvey Cedars; Joseph Mancini, Long Beach Township; and William Huelsenbeck, Ship Bottom, issued

Emergency Medical Supplies and Volunteer Shortage Part of Local COVID-19 Concerns

As the number of COVID-19 cases increases across New Jersey, two items are in short supply: N-95 surgical masks and, in some communities, qualified personnel to man the volunteer emergency response organizations on the front lines. While the two things may appear unrelated, the truth is they’re very much dependent on each other. “We’re extremely short on masks,” said Jay […]


MLS # Address Town Beds Baths SQFT Lot Size DOM Original List Price Close Price
NJOC141116 220 Liberty Ave #6 BEACH HAVEN – LEH YACHT 3 2/0 1,000 50X100 288 $89,000 $82,000
NJOC393224 8303 Long Beach Boulevard #8 BRIGHTON BEACH 2 1 792 58 $359,000 $342,000
NJOC392928 6408 Long Beach BRANT BEACH 4 2 1,122 50.00 x 85.00 19 $459,999 $430,000
NJOC138924 121 7th St #2D SHIP BOTTOM 3 2 910 120×100 200 $479,000 $445,000
NJOC140568 1107 Barnegat Ave SURF CITY 4 2 1,122 50×100 332 $599,000 $507,000
NJOC141482 101 W 9th St #103 SHIP BOTTOM 3 2 1,289 200 X 240 170 $572,000 $569,500
NJOC392482 15 W 13 St BARNEGAT LIGHT 3 1 1,125 60X125 71 $599,000 $595,000
NJOC386716 8 Carolina Ave HOLGATE 3 2 1,414 40×62 57 $619,000 $603,500
NJOC393674 7112 Long Beach BRANT BEACH 5 2 1,434 80.00 x 40.00 34 $624,000 $605,000
NJOC388528 275 W 12th SHIP BOTTOM 3 2 1,900 90 x 100 89 $679,000 $645,000
NJOC393618 439 Centre St BEACH HAVEN 3 2 1,725 40.00 x 71.00 57 $719,000 $692,500
NJOC392554 1 E Marine St #3 BEACH HAVEN – LEH YACHT 3 2 1,164 0.00 x 0.00 69 $799,000 $750,000
NJOC393350 1102-D Long Beach Blvd NORTH BEACH 4 2/1 2,040 100.00 x 100.00 15 $799,000 $775,000
NJOC385758 613 N Barnegat Ave SURF CITY 5 2/1 2,436 75×100 183 $875,000 $779,000
NJOC141688 44-A Sandy Island Dr LOVELADIES 3 2 2,300 127×89 253 $949,000 $805,000
NJOC393658 4 E Lee Ave HARVEY CEDARS 3 2 1,470 50 X 100 52 $899,900 $867,500
NJOC392148 18 E 42nd BRANT BEACH 5 1/2 1,808 80.00 x 75.00 87 $999,000 $875,000
NJOC392622 25 W South 33rd St BEACH HAVEN GARDENS 4 3/1 2,100 42.00 x 75.00 66 $979,900 $969,000
NJOC385944 105 4th St BEACH HAVEN 2 1 868 50×103 97 $989,000 $989,500
NJOC390774 139 Laguna Ln LOVELADIES 3 2/1 1,534 100.00 x 100.00 133 $985,000 $995,000
NJOC394362 16 W Dune Ln THE DUNES 4 3/0 1,918 60.00 x 100.00 8 $975,000 $999,000
NJOC388578 19 W 44th St BRANT BEACH 3 2 2,060 50.00 x 90.00 143 $1,525,000 $1,277,500
NJOC393620 1920 Virginia Ave BEACH HAVEN – WEBSTER LAGOON 5 3/1 3,281 150 x 180 x Irregular 41 $1,399,000 $1,280,000
NJOC394136 212 E 25th St SPRAY BEACH 4 3 1,899 40.00 x 99.51 10 $1,275,000 $1,300,000
NJOC392484 27 N 21st St SURF CITY 4 2/1 2,572 60.00 x 90.00 1 $1,399,000 $1,315,000
NJOC390756 3906 Ocean BRANT BEACH 4 3/1 2,174 50.00 x 75.00 117 $1,649,000 $1,490,000
NJOC391836 3 E Mercer Ave HARVEY CEDARS 5 3/1 2,467 50.00 x 100.00 104 $1,850,000 $1,825,000
NJOC387132 224 E 15th St NORTH BEACH HAVEN 4 3/0 1,710 50×90 145 $1,899,000 $1,850,000
NJOC140764 1609 S Beach Ave BEACH HAVEN – LEH YACHT 4 3/1 2,000 40×100 330 $2,495,000 $2,240,000
NJOC386798 2611 Atlantic Ave SPRAY BEACH 6 5/1 3,733 60×90 166 $2,385,000 $2,297,500
NJOC396150 6507 Bayview BRANT BEACH 4 3/1 4,057 130.00 x 65.00 0 $2,400,000 $2,400,000

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