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This Week On LBI

Hello from the Beach!

Our Goal: to supply you with the best market data available so you can make the right decisions about purchasing on LBI; and to assist you in all phases of the home purchase process so you are assured that you not only have found Your Perfect Beach Home on Long Beach Island you arrived there in the most professional manner.


Below, find out each week what’s been ‘Newly Listed‘, what just went ‘Under Contract‘ and what has ‘Just Closed‘. Want to know local headline news or maybe check out the local weather to see if we are having another wonderful beach day.

(Of course, any day at the beach is a wonderful day.) 


 (from the Bright Multiple Listing Service)

This Update is for the single family and condo market. If you would like update information for multi family, land or commercial, either email us with your desired parameters or use our Early Buyer’s Alert program.

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Week of:  3/9/23 – 3/16/23


MLS # Address Town Beds Baths SQFT Lot Size Current Price
NJOC2016962 22 5th St BEACH HAVEN 4 2 1,700 40.00 x 100.00 $2,300,000
NJOC2017012 7 W Cumberland Ave HARVEY CEDARS 4 2 2,107 100x93x54x104x50x15 $2,495,000
NJOC2017010 214 Iroquois Ave BEACH HAVEN – LEH YACHT 4 2/1 2,000 40.00 x 100.00 $2,500,000
NJOC2017048 5 W 17th NORTH BEACH HAVEN 6 3/2 3,984 50.00 x 120.00 $2,590,000
NJOC2016984 197 Nautilus LOVELADIES 7 7/1 4,372 100.00 x 100.00 $4,999,000
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MLS # Address Town Beds Baths SQFT Lot Size Current Price
NJOC2010740 12 E Delaware Ave BEACH HAVEN GARDENS 5 3/1 2,355 52.00 x 65.00 $2,199,000
NJOC2012952 3 E 20th St NORTH BEACH HAVEN 5 4/1 2,500 40.00 x 100.00 $2,549,999

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MLS # Address Town Beds Baths SQFT Lot Size DOM Original List Price List Price Sold Price
NJOC2013566 106 E 24th St SPRAY BEACH 3 1/0 1,280 50.00 x Irr. 77 $1,329,000 $1,099,000.00 $990,000
NJOC2014496 1 W Joshua HOLGATE 5 3/1 2,298 50.00 x 75.00 87 $1,599,000 $1,549,000.00 $1,549,000

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All information from our local MLS, deemed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

THIS WEEK’S HEADLINES (from The Atlantic City Press, The Asbury Park Park Press, The Sandpaper)

Kayaks, Watercraft Would Need Stickers to Stay on Bay Beaches in Barnegat Light

Kayaks and other personal watercraft would have to be registered at a fee every year in Barnegat Light before they can be left beached at bayfront areas, under an ordinance introduced at the monthly Borough Council meeting March 8. The new rule, if passed next month, would give borough taxpayers/property owners a break in the fee charged as

DiAnne Gove Will Say Goodbye to Assembly, But Not to Helping Others

In the days since Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove learned she wouldn’t be named to the ticket to contend for another term representing the 9th District – a decision finalized at the Ocean County GOP’s nominating convention last Wednesday, March 8 – she’s been heartened by the “outpouring of support” she’s received from friends and constituents. She’s also had the chance to […]

Ship Bottom Approves Water Plan Ahead of Eighth Street Road Work Resuming

The Ship Bottom Borough Council last month approved the authorization of a treatment plan so the final phase of the Causeway project on Eighth Street can resume after it was halted last summer. “They discovered gas in the dirt,” Mayor William Huelsenbeck told the governing body and and public in attendance at the Feb. 28 council

More Pickleball Courts a No-Go for Summer in Beach Haven

Should the Beach Haven Borough Council ever approve additional pickleball courts at the Nelson Avenue park, they won’t be up and running this summer. Last month, the council introduced an ordinance appropriating $250,000 for six additional courts, doubling the total number to 12. Councilman Michael Battista, who had proposed the ordinance, voted in favor of it with Mayor Nancy Davis […]

New Ship Bottom Municipal Complex on Target for Late May Completion Date

If everything stays on target, borough employees could begin moving into the new municipal complex, being built in front of the existing structure between 16th and 17th streets on the Boulevard, before the official start of summer. Councilman Joe Valyo delivered the news at the borough council’s Feb. 28 meeting, saying the project remains on

Proposed Setback Tightening Is Tabled in Barnegat Light

Property Owners Object; Council Still Reviewing

Insistent concerns about a proposed zoning ordinance on new setbacks for multifamily dwellings left the matter tabled during the March borough council meeting in Barnegat Light. Not introduced was a proposal to require 10 more feet of front setback in the general business and marine commercial zone for new multifamily properties or when the buildings are replaced. Criticism came from […]

Queen City East/West Ordinance Adopted

An ordinance adopted by the Beach Haven Borough Council on March 13 approves a redevelopment plan for a proposed Queen City East/Queen City West project along Bay Avenue. Architect Michael Pagnotta presented a modified plan for his project at the Jan. 26 agenda meeting. His initial proposal had been rejected by a majority of council members in November. Pagnotta has […]

Divided Council Questions Hiring Process, Salaries in Ship Bottom

There was nothing routine when the Ship Bottom Borough Council adopted a standard salary resolution for some Ship Bottom employees last month as members traded frustration over the hiring process. It all began when Councilman Joe Valyo cited concern that a new hire would make more money than a longtime borough employee who he said had more responsibility. He asked […]




MLS # Address Town Beds Baths SQFT Lot Size DOM Original List Price List Price Sold Price
NJOC2014364 22 SW 33rd BEACH HAVEN GARDENS 3 1/1 1,324 60.00 x 45.00 76 $999,000 $949,000.00 $715,000
NJOC2015690 101 W 9th St #102 SHIP BOTTOM 3 2 1,300 0.00 x 0.00 4 $785,000 $785,000.00 $795,000
NJOC2012822 14 W Bayberry Dr PEAHALA PARK 4 2 1,078 46.00 x 80.00 118 $1,100,000 $999,000.00 $969,000
NJOC2014964 1504 Long Beach NORTH BEACH HAVEN 3 2/0 1,248 30.00 x 0.00 57 $1,099,999 $1,099,999.00 $999,999
NJOC2015852 4206 Long Beach #E BRANT BEACH 3 2 1,498 150.00 x 0.00 6 $995,000 $995,000.00 $1,012,000
NJOC2013950 319 S 3rd St SURF CITY 3 2 1,008 50.00 x 100.00 65 $1,150,000 $1,100,000.00 $1,100,000
NJOC2014556 9323 Mark Dr BEACH HAVEN PARK 5 2/0 1,400 50.00 x 75.00 46 $1,198,500 $1,198,500.00 $1,140,000
NJOC2013080 6 W 28th St W BARNEGAT LIGHT 4 2/1 1,792 50.00 x 125.00 111 $1,399,000 $1,399,000.00 $1,300,000
NJOC2009024 45 N 15th St SURF CITY 4 3 1,798 50.00 x 100.00 199 $1,799,000 $1,549,000.00 $1,425,000
NJOC2014482 9313 Susan BRIGHTON BEACH 4 2/1 2,053 72.50 x 70.00 78 $1,595,000 $1,595,000.00 $1,500,000
NJOC2014506 1926 W Bay Ter SHIP BOTTOM 4 3 1,816 Irregular 61 $1,600,000 $1,600,000.00 $1,500,000
NJOC2013026 1409 W West Ave BEACH HAVEN 4 4 2,571 50.00 x 100.00 91 $2,199,999 $1,999,999.00 $1,875,000
NJOC2011522 152 Marina Blvd. LOVELADIES 5 2/1 2,229 100.00 x 100.00 131 $2,350,000 $1,985,000.00 $1,975,000
NJOC2015354 10 E 19th St BARNEGAT LIGHT 4 3/1 2,336 50×125 37 $2,125,000 $2,125,000.00 $2,000,000
NJOC2015236 29 4th St NONE AVAILABLE 6 3 2,050 50.00 x 103.00 15 $2,279,000 $2,279,000.00 $2,225,000
NJOC2011736 343 N 3rd St SURF CITY 5 3/2 2,800 50.00 x 100.00 35 $2,380,000 $2,380,000.00 $2,350,000
NJOC2015218 9 W Cumberland Ave HARVEY CEDARS 4 3/1 2,600 50.00 x 123.00 4 $3,595,000 $3,595,000.00 $3,500,000
NJOC2011264 12312 Old Whaling THE DUNES 9 10/1 8,478 108.00 x 110.00 50 $8,500,000 $8,500,000.00 $8,000,000
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