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March 21, 2020

As the saying goes, ‘I have seen a thing or two’. After 35 years of owning Sand Dollar Real Estate I have experienced many ups & downs in our local real estate market – from financial breakdowns to destructive hurricanes. Each time, LBI weathered the times and came bouncing back. Today we are dealing with something most of us are having a hard time fathoming. The uncertainties are overwhelming. What we do know is we need to isolate ourselves if we want to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus.

To that end, Sand Dollar has closed its doors, but not our business. We are here for you; all phone lines are on call forwarding and we are all working from home. So, if you need us, just call us. Our health is our most precious commodity and we must do everything we can to make sure we stay healthy.

This thought hit home with me just this week. I had not been feeling well for quite some time and found out that I had an obstruction in my bowel. Surgery was needed, and needed now, since it was only a question of when the obstruction would close and I would need emergency surgery and the hospital could be loaded with coronavirus cases. So, I was rushed in and rushed out.

Let me tell you with our local hospital on lockdown this was a very interesting experience. I was able to witness the entire SOMC hospital team, working with reduced staff (winter staffing needs), begin their preparation for the anticipated large caseloads of coronavirus patients and take care of patients like me. They are doing an amazing job; you see the strain on their faces, but also the smile for you. Imagine being on the front line and your job in a few days or weeks will be touching and healing coronavirus patients. We need to support them and make their jobs easier.

If we do not abide by the ‘stay at home orders’ and spread more cases of the virus; all the hospitals will be overwhelmed and patients like me, and maybe your love ones, will not be able to receive the care they need.

I do not make light about what we are about to experience, yet I am so thankful that I am home and healthy and know that l will have the opportunity to once again be out and about. This is a temporary situation and it can give us time to work on that ‘to do’ list, spend quality time with our family and take a few deep breaths to just enjoy life at a slower pace for a short while.

It will take all of us to conquer this virus, so our part is to stay home and stay healthy. This is the most important contribution you can make and the quickest way to get our lives back on track.

Please …

Stay Home, Stay Healthy,

Pat Sepanak




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  • Financing – Many programs available
  • Local & State Building Regulations – Know what you can and can’t do prior to buying
  • Flood Insurance Update – Ever changing and ways to lower your flood without lifting
  • LBI Rental Market – Latest Trends and how to meet them with your rental property
  • LBI Local News – Beach replenishment, the bridge and other news
  • Q & A Period – Always lively & informative

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