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October 15, 2020

The 3rd Quarter Market Stats and YTD numbers are posted. Check out our YTD stats or 3rd Quarter Sold. The market continues at a fast pace with serious pressure from buyers who are seeking an LBI 2nd home. Inventory remains low, sellers this is your market and your time. If thinking about selling, click here.

September 3, 2020

The end of Summer is near and a long summer it has been. LBI enjoyed a ‘full house’ most of the summer and it looks like we will carry this trend into the Fall. Bookings are picking up for September and October with many seeking longer term stays.

The sales market continued at a brisk pace throughout the summer. Inventory remains on the low side (189 single family homes) and as would be expected prices are on an upward trend. The average sales price is now $1,077,022 which is around a 4.5% increase over the same time as last year. Houses are selling at 96.3% of the final list price and there are 159 houses waiting to close.

Have a Happy Labor Day

August 6, 2020 – Snapshot of LBI Market

Currently, there are 188 single family homes for sale. This is a very low number. There are 123 single family homes under contract. This is a very high number. Overall we are ahead of last year for the time period of Jan to July. For 2020 the Average Sales Price has increased to $1,060,078 based on 360 homes sold with a list price to sales price ratio of 95.9%. For the same time period in 2019, the Average Sales Price was $1,038,241 based on 320 sold homes with a ratio of 95.7%. The market continues to move at a fairly brisk pace.

June 11, 2020

Just to give you a quick update on our current market conditions…

  • 15% behind in units sold (39 units) over the same time last year. This was expected as the ‘shelter in home’ took place in mid-March and is only now beginning to be lifted. Also, closings have been taking a bit longer as we all adjust to `distance closings’.
  • On the flip side, there are 80 homes in a pending status. Normally, we see around 45-60 at one time and depending on the time of the year. So, this is a high number and should make up for the prior slowdown in units sold.
  • Average Sales Price fell about 3% over this time last year. Part of this is due to the mix of sales, there have been no high-end sales – over $4M+. This will change as some of the `pendings’ begin to close as there is an oceanfront in pending at $5,999,000.
  • Days on the market are a bit longer, but again it is taking longer to get a deal from contract to closing so this is expected as well.
  • % of Sales Price to List Price is still around 95% to 96%.
  • Inventory remains low.

So overall, LBI is weathering the COVID-19 rather well. The Island has always shown its resilience!

May 13, 2020

Pat Sepanak Interview on Current Conditions of LBI Sales and Rental Market


May 7, 2020

LBI Market Update

I thought I would give you a quick update as to what we area seeing in our sales and rental markets. I will update as I see news worth reporting to you. I have also just completed an LBI MarkeTrends Quarterly Update Newsletter. If wish to receive a copy, please email me at with your request.

Sales Market: Average Sales Price (ASP) shows a drop around 4% over 2019. However, there have not been as many high end sales ($3M+) as in previous years. Reviewing most other sales, no overall decline in prices are noted. Inventory remains on the low side as do ‘under contract’ sales. Some sales did fall through as buyers choose not to continue with their purchase due to the economic uncertainty of the impact of COVID-19. The mid year numbers will be a better indication on the health of the LBI real estate market. So far, LBI is holding pretty steady.

Rental Market: We have experienced a few cancellations at this time due to concerns about COVID-19. We have fielded many phone calls with questions about how LBI will pan out. The majority of our summer guests seem to be looking forward to a vacation on LBI. Prior to the outbreak, our bookings were up. We are still receiving inquiries which we take as a very good sign. If there is improvement with the handling of COVID-19 there is expectations that we could have a surge as LBI may be deemed safer than many other choices.

Stay Healthy,

Pat Sepanak



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