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Katherine Aji

Katherine ‘Kathi’ Aji, Sales Associate

I’ve been coming to LBI before I was born I like to say! This island was our family vacation destination for as long as I can remember.


Growing up in Northern Jersey I waited all year for my parents to announce it was time for our annual trek to LBI. Eventually I had a family of my own and was lucky enough to continue the legacy of bringing my three sons to enjoy the wonders of the island like I did. Then I was able to live out my dream and became an owner of a LBI summer home.  Finally, what seemed to be an inevitable and long awaited change –we moved to the island as permanent residents!


With my background in Social Work I have always worked hard to be a client’s advocate and liaison wanting to achieve the best services that fit their needs. Really listening to truly understand what those needs are and maintaining the highest level of communication so clients would be up to date on everything I was attempting to accomplish for them.


Between my real-life LBI experiences and my social work background it makes me uniquely equipped as a real estate agent to really appreciate the needs of my clients.


It took a lot of searching to find our perfect LBI home so I clearly understand how important and emotional a time it can be- I know I can help guide you to make your LBI dreams a reality!