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Joann Duguid

I started my life on LBI as a renter. I rented in Surf City, North Beach, Harvey Cedars, Loveladies,  and Barnegat Light. I rented every Summer with various friends, family members, and my two sons and their friends for over 20 years. That one or two weeks was something we looked forward to every year.

Twelve years ago, one of my LBI dreams came true. I purchased a home in North Beach and soon became a full time LBI walker, bike rider, paddle boarder, and beach bum.

Recently, another dream has come true, I am a full time, year round LBI resident.

So, I decided what better way to share my dreams than to become a realtor on LBI and help others make their dreams come true too. I love helping people to get to their happy place (LBI).

As you can well imagine, I have experienced lots of various realtors in my 20 years of renting and subsequently the years looking to find my ‘dream house’. What I have learned is that the best realtors go the extra mile. They make renting and buying simple. Whether you are a renter, a buyer, or a seller, everyone wants the process to be easy, simple, and painless.

I grew up in Marketing and Sales in a very large company. I was very successful in my job, because I followed the principle of, Keep it Simple (KIS).  That continues to be my objective as an LBI realtor.

Let My KIS help make Your LBI Dreams Come True.